'Organic' image 'DEBAQ'. Airbrushed freehand in my organic style on canvas. Acrylic. 60x40"
Commissioned for my son & daughter-in-law's wedding, this piece of artwork has opening many doors in my soul. The brief was derived from a Hebrew word 'Dabaq' meaning union, united, cleave to, cling to & stick together. Many artists were asked to produce art and the wedding reception was held within the Stour Space Gallery in London where the works were exhibited over the London Olympic period.

After leaving my painting at the Stour Space Gallery in London for 2 years in storage (through my illness) I contacted them recently to arrange a time and day to collect it. To my horror I discovered they had given it away thinking I wasn't going to collect it! :(

If anyone in the creative community out there has ever seen or sees it, I would be so grateful if you could contact me as I desperately want to get it back home. It was the first painting I had been able to complete in over four years due to illness and because it was so personal, in many ways, it means a great deal to me - and to my son and daughter-in-law for whom i created it for their special wedding day.

Thanks ~ Beej
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